2022 Wimbledon QF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

Who wins?

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The Green Mile

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Audible chuckle after that forehand from Novak, SP to Sinner.

Didn't lose a point behind his 1st serve all 2nd set, takes a 2-0 set lead.


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I did. Except Alcaraz mugged it up. And Sinner played a little bit better. Still the match should have gone to 5.
Still have Novak winning this match vs Sinner. Expecting Novak to tighten it and Sinner to choke.

yeah, Yanik displayed what appears to be a mental weakness in recent matches. but he was somewhat injured in those matches.
17, 18 year old Yanik exhibited great mental strength for a teenager.


Maybe Djo is so good he is just throwing the first few sets to make an epic comeback and win the last three. Cooridnated with Wimby to get ratings up. Could happen!

Poisoned Slice

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A little wobble from Sinner to go down 0-30, but gets 4 points in a row to get the set 6-2.


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Now starts Novak-Tsitsipas, Novak-Musetti part 2. This match will be same as Nadal Medvedev AO F. Sinner to get tired and lose the match. No way he defeats Djokovic


Novak's decline has been massive. I don't know how people cannot see that. I thought he could still win on grass because of how bad the field is, but he is getting badly exposed here. I don't see any comeback this time. It's over.


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You guys are crazy to pick Djokovic here

there's more chance that Sinner closes this in straights than Djoker coming back

The Guru

2nd greatest player of open era is a amazing legacy regardless. I don't believe Novak is done just yet anyway.
Well I'm not sure I'd grant that honestly but maybe it's the truth especially if this tournament goes the way it's seeming it will. It definitely wouldn't shock me to see Djokovic win another slam I think he'll still contend for the next couple years but he's lost a gear that he could reach in his resurgent years.


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Get to the office. Stuck in this dumb meeting forgetting my phone at my desk. Wtf is going on? Lol is Sinner zoning or something up with Nole?