2022 Wimbledon QF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

Who wins?

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Will it be similar to Musetti FO match. Let an Italian get up 2 sets to love and practice my comeback skills?


Sinner WASTING energy. BRAINLESS stuff. 40-0 and he runs like an idiot. Now he will start hobbling in the 4th.

Novak in command. One to set 4. Sinner might lose his serve easily.


Well that’s much better from Novak! This is the crucial set. I still have Sinner in 4. But if Novak takes this set, he’ll win the match


Novak won 17 of 19 pts on first serve in set 3. PATHETIC returning from Sinner.
There is ZERO chance for him unless he picks up the ROS.


If Djokovic keeps his unforced errors to 3, and his first serves over 80% it's going to be pretty tough going for the boy :-D


Dude, if you think sinner actually has a chance in this match then you having been paying attention the last few years.

This match is done and dusted. Djoker will not lose this. Sinner is just a dude. No different then the Mug2setsuppi or tsitisapussi or all the others.
Believe in something!

Martin J

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Would be too much for Jannik to blow off the court a three-time defending champion just like that. I still give him a solid chance (if his level doesn't drop), though Novak is playing with more authority now.


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He is GOING to lose. But if he puts a respectable 5th set - I'll still be his fan.
But if he gets a 6-0, 6-1 or 6-2 in set 5 - we will continue to MOCK him for the mental midget he is.
And his lack of match fitness.
i'm saying it win or lose.
match fitness maybe.
i saw a fighter in yanik when he was a teenager.
i don't know how he was labled as mentally weak with recent matches.


Sinner in 4
It wont' happen man. Novak figured him out. He won 95% of pts on 1st serve. And he is running Sinner ragged. Sinner is also gone physically.
We won't even have close sets for the remaining 2.

Novak is lucky to have Norrie/Goffin in SF. Should be a nice practice. Imagine if he had Kygrios?