2023 Australian Open R128: [1] Rafael Nadal vs Jack Draper

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Now that it’s capped, I gotta say that anyone who actually thought this guy would beat Rafa is officially on StrongRule level. Draper can’t even stand up

Two sets of cramping are not that easy to predict, no?

Based on Rafa's level, I think most players in the draw could have beaten him today, to be completely honest.


Draper has given up. That point went right down the centre of the court and he didn't even attempt it. Awful, maybe train more before entering a slam.


I am taking a standard line for Nadal where he drops one set somewhere, rolls well in 2, then there is one tight set. Pretty typical call when he doesn't look to have a lot of warm up matches. I actually think this match could be on Jack's racquet if he can handle the moment and play free. But excited to see the start of the season in any case.

Yeah, almost a protypical Nadal 1st round match.

Draper did his part. Now I can get to bed! Thank goodness to be off tomorrow.


Well good to know the first match i watched of this years Australian open was absolute garbage. It means it can only get better from here!

Also Nadal hitting double faults now haha

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Feel bad for Draper those cramps got very bad in the 4th set to the point where he stopped moving. Fair play to him for finishing the match. I’m just glad I can finally go to bed now after enduring that harrowing experience.