2023 Australian Open SF: [4] Novak Djokovic vs Tommy Paul

Who will put himself in the final?

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Djokovic 0-0 Paul

Vegas odds
(as of 25 January)

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First time against an opponent is always tricky for Novak. Paul is in the form of his life. Djokovic should be cautious because Paul was serving like a monster against Shelton. Also let's not forget Tommy beat a healthy Rafa.


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You have Paul as the slight favorite going in I assume? Very difficult to predict, I think it's as close to 50/50 as possible. Could be one for the ages, up there with Rafa Dasco, Novak Wawa 13 and 14, Rafa Dimitrov 17 etc...
Our Tommy slight favourite yes. He had zero pressure, nothing to lose and no physical issues. Will be a good one though. Hope you enjoy it.


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Tommy Paul got a Djokovic comparison from McEnroe last night believe it or not. It came after a 25 point rally where he hit some sliding backhands and redirected a powerful shot DTL. His movement, serve, and dual winged consistency are all very solid. Problem is.

Djokovic does every single thing on a tennis court better.

Paul will not win a set.


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I do like that Tommy doesn’t grunt. Bravo. Just watched highlights if his last match. Does have the game to annoy Nole. Tommy not giving a lot of lower for Nole to use against you. His coach mentioned that he improved his 1st serve speed average recently from 104 mph to 114-124mph and as high as 134 in a match, hopefully he’ll pick his spots with that (something that ahole Brooksby needs to do). I’ll go with Nole in 4. Will lose the 1st like 7-5 but then 2-2-3 along those lines.


More bagels and breadsticks. I think Novak may end this Australian with his highest games-won percentage ever!
I don't know how this compares to the same stage at every other Australian he's won, but he's just a hair shy of 70% games won for the tournament at the moment. That's on pace to be his best ever (according to UTS, 2019 is his current highest at 67.9%). 9 of the 16 sets he's played here have been 6-2 or even more lopsided. Ridiculous level of domination at the moment.


I might be done watching the AO - only because of the early morning start times. Normally I'd power through for marquee matchups, but I doubt I'll watch the semis. Though possibly the finals since they're on the weekend.
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I might be done watching the AO - only because of the early morning start times. Normally I'd power through for marquee matchups, but I doubt I'll watch the semis. Though possibly the finals since they're on the weekend.
Only a great Tsitsipas in the final against Joker can save us from prolonged boredom.


I'd like to think Paul takes a set off of him if he continues to serve really well. You get in a tiebreak and anything can happen. But maybe just wishful thinking. I don't see Djokovic losing this match.

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Maybe Paul can sneak a set - really should be no pressure on him at all so hopefully he plays well.

But really, probably djokovic in 3 with one relatively close set.


Could Paul sneak a set? Problem for him is that he's like Djoker Lite - he plays like him, but obviously at not as high of a level - in every aspect. Yeah, he has no pressure, but what does that mean for him and his game? "No pressure" against Djokovic would better suit someone like Shelton or another big hitter who could just go nuts booming serves, risking huge second serves, taking huge cuts at the ball - because he does that to a degree anyway, and inconsistency and errors are more "just part of the game." If Tommy "goes for it" beyond his regular strokes then he'd risk making the result worse due to errors. He's efficient, but Djoker is even more efficient. Maybe he just executes his game well and stays close for a while and surprises. But, yeah, I don't see a path to winning.
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Tough match for Novak. He’s never played him before and the leg is still an issue. Look forward to the contest.

I don't think the fake humility is a very good look either compared to being super cocky and confident.

At this point most people who have watched tennis for some period of time will call this a 95 to 5 odds in favor of Djokovic to win the match.

If Djokovic's leg falls off, sure he'll lose but there's probably better odds of winning a lottery ticket atm.