2023 Miami Masters F: [4] Daniil Medvedev vs. [10] Jannik Sinner

Who will win

  • Med in 2

  • Med in 3

  • Jannik in 2

  • Jannik in 3

  • IDK as long as Baldie looses

  • IDK as long as the Octopus prevails

  • IDK until Rafa/Nole get back

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Med 27yrs, 6'6, 17 titles (1-4 GS F, 1-2 ATP F) current streak in 5th consecutive tour finals, leads ATP in wins (28/3) and titles (3) in 2003. First non Big4 to make F in all major HC events (events AO, USO, ATP Finals, Masters x6)

Sinner 6'2, 21yrs, 7 titles (none > 500, 0-4 GS QF, 1-0 ATP Next Gen F*) 13-15 in Miami, only third player to make multiple finals in Miami before turning 22 (Nadal, Djokovic). 7-2 tour level finals.

H2H: Med 5-0, all indoor HC best of 3, with 3 matches going to 3 sets.

2003 Miami: Med olny 4 matches played (RD32 W/O) dropped first set in SF (Khachanov), Sinner 5 matches played dropped first set in SF (Alcaraz)

Should be a great battle with both players in top form. Can Jannik continue to serve at >60% 1st serve, collect +20 winners and save 75% BPs as he did against Alcaraz, or will Daniil continue to collect free points with >10 aces and 75% 1st serve points won, and draw out UEs with long grinding rallies as he did against Khachanov?