2023 Roland Garros R128: [3] Novak Djokovic vs Aleksandar Kovacevic

Who wins?

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Lets face it, Djokovic v Alcaraz is THE match that everyone is looking at it.

It is but I'm still not convinced Alcaraz is a shoe-in for making the SF yet. He's not Nadal and he likely has Tsitsipas before Novak which isnt exactly an easy match.


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I haven’t watched a second of this but just turned it on. Our guy Kovacevic just cracked a super fast BHDTL winner with that pretty one hander

And I think I’m watching the new Wawrinka


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Djokovic straight up choking and stinking up the joint serving for the match.

3 UEs and now facing two break points.

Actually now broken with ANOTHER error.

I didn’t watch the first two sets so this may be unfair. But is this really your Roland Garros favorite?


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Relax. This is not the end of the world. Both have played very high quality, the score line is deceptive.
Exactly. Plus this is the norm in a lot of grand slams Djokovic plays. He tends to have dips and a big reason he not won a slam without dropping a set.

Overall though he’s playing well and his opponent has tested him a lot today.