2023 US Open - Official Thread for Men's Singles

Who will win US Open?

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No, numbers from different times and places mean different things. This GOAT obsession was ridiculous with other players and it's ridiculous with Djokovic too.

As for popularity, you just basically cited the all the slams and said 'maybe Djokovic isn't popular there...'

You should quit while you're behind.
This idea that there is “no GOAT” is inherently ridiculous, every player in the position of the Big 3, or really any competition, who has a chance to smash all the records, will do so because he will be donned as the greatest of all time in said competition.

You can’t just say there’s no GOAT because your fav isn’t leading lol.

And once again this narrow minded idea that only those 3 places count? Is this how westerners think the world is? The hell with Asia, right? Africa doesn’t exist. Latin America, the rest of Europe, Middle East, nah they ain’t real. Just figments of our imaginations.

Do you know how maddening you sound?
Yeah, we can’t compare the eras and generations, which is why we take the regular statistical approach, just measure all the numbers. And guess who leads all the numbers?

Yeah this idea that Djokovic isn’t popular is so annoying. Maybe he’s vilified in England, the US, and Australia, but he’s pretty much universally loved everywhere else.
He’s not vilified anywhere. That’s just the Djokovic fan victim narrative.


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Tiafoe is easily more popular than Fritz, and both he and Shelton are huge crowd-pleasures. It would have been a shame if they’d had to play in the day. The atmosphere in Ashe tomorrow night is gonna be incredible.
Taifoe is the most popular player of any on the tour right now in NY, he's The King of Queens. Add in Shelton who plays a highly entertaining brand of tennis and is the young upstart American and putting this match on Ashe at night is a no brainer.

Not only is Djokovic-Fritz likely be to be far less entertaining but it should also be far less competitive. Does anybody think that Fritz has a shot in hell against Djoker? Come on now, let's be realistic.


That first number is insane


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Medvedev is funny in so many ways surely he had time to unpack the shirt and wristbands before the match. Ripping the tag off that shirt like a pro.


I suspect Sinner will be the tougher opponent for Alcaraz. There are certain aspects in Zverev's game Alcaraz can exploit, I think.


There was a time on here when people frequently argued that Zverev was the Alcaraz slayer...

Either of them will be tough, but I Alcaraz can move Zverev around and tire him out over 5 sets. I also wouldn't mind Zverev win this time. He was so unlucky with that horrific ankle injury. I thought he was getting better and better then the injury stopped him. He might or might not have won a slam if not for that injury, but it seems he is recovering well.


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You'd like every match of ND to end at 2 am. That would be fairest
Check every days schedule. That was the only time mens match was the first on arthur ashe. And poor Iga. She doesn't like late start. And exactly that's happened against ostapenko


That was a nervous volley. Zverev still doesn't look completely comfortable at the net even though he has improved a lot.
Zverev wins - Carlos vs Sasha on Wednesday - VAMOS CARLOS! Best wishes for a win on Wednesday!

I got my wish: I wanted a five set epic battle between Sasha and Jannik. I hope it took so much out of Sasha he won't have much left for the quarters. Obviously I want Carlos to win!!!! :) :) :)

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2023 US Open QF's:

(1) Alcaraz v (12) Zverev
(3) Medvedev v (8) Rublev

(10) Tiafoe v Shelton
(9) Fritz v (2) Djokovic

6 of the top 10. Just one unseeded player. Very decent.