2024 Australian Open Outfits


Post up pics and discuss what the pros are (or will be) wearing at the 2024 Australian Open. It could be on and off court, for practice and/or match play.
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Love Grigor but he looks like a ball boy in this kit

:-D True. Surprisingly a miss from Lacoste. At least going by this photo.

The Rybakina one not particularly striking either for me. I'm liking the orange color, but otherwise lacking elegance and refinement.


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never seen that before - Yonex just photoshop them usually, but have seen them use Ruud with his actual prostock in photos...
It depends on how thought out the shoot is, you’ll see a bunch with Stan or Elena on their official branding photos on their IG. Usually at tournaments where they can make a bunch of content such as Indian Wells


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He won the title with the GOATA (Aus Open 2009) so your logic is flawed.
And he got out in 2021 with an awesome outfit, out in 2018 QF with awesome outfit, and out in 2023 with an awesome outfit. The outlier is notable, however great outfits tend to worry me, may wanna do something ugly like 2022 haha. I don’t wanna call 2020 a good outfit cause it wasn’t lol, just seems QF and rounds prior losses are common when Nadal has a great outfit. But maybe I’m being superstitious.