2024 Australian Open Outfits




Overall I’d give the companies a solid C- for this year’s outfits. There were only one or two shirts I’d actually wear (like Fritz’s or Stan’s). All the others were, as Kiwi’s would say…yeah, nah.

Break To Win

Her contract is so bad she doesn't even get shoes that fit her? Those look huge on her feet, plus the gap behind the heel.

Shout out for matching your shoes and overgrip though (y)
She has her own clothing line (Tamiko), but for some reason, she didn't want to wear it in Melbourne, claiming it wasn't ready. If you want to see her with her brand, just look at her photo in Brisbane.
Naomi Osaka. 15 Jan 2024. Round One Night Session on Rod Laver.


The average woman would make a complete fool out of herself if she walked out on her club's court wearing this outfit. For the very niche market of professional women's tennis players who want to make a fashion statement on opening night, this kit is the best I've seen in years. It has style and imagination that no other AO kit has come close to matching. I hope Naomi sticks with this designer.
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Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. Day Two - Jan 15 2024. Margaret Court Arena


Mai Hontama. Day One - 14 Jan 2024. Margaret Court Arena.


Two different women with completely different body types and this kit looks great on both of them. Well done, Lacoste
Would like to see some people posts their top 10 best and worst from this year’s AO.

There seems like an abundance of great kits this year, along with some real howlers. A lot to see.
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