2025 - Final Ranking Masters 1000

We are in 2025, what will be the final ranking of the Masters 1000 ?

We accept bets ... then we see in 2025 who won.

My version:
Grand Slams:
Nadal 21
Federer 20
Djokovic 12

World Tour Finals:
Federer 6
Djokovic 5
Nadal 1

Olympic Gold (singles):
Nadal 1
Djokovic 1
Federer 0

Masters 1000:
Nadal 37
Djokovic 32
Federer 28
If the game exists and still in best of 3 or 5, 6 per set format, yes.
Can you read the future? How do you know that in the following 16.000 years nobody will surpass Federer in many aspects of the game? Maybe not only one, but several players will surpass Federer's GS record in the next 16.000 years.
16,000 years? Sheesh , this is really 'short sighted' to think that we'll still be either ...

A) Still living on Earth

B) Still quite similar human beings as we are now (un-augmented/cyberized)

C) Both of the above

D) Not yet succumbed to planetary disaster (We almost nuked ourselves into extinction , now we're headed to melting ourselves in a more 'natural' way via climate change)

E) Have not yet terraformed other planet/s & had failed to become an interplanetary species.

F) None of the above & tennis is the only thing in the universe that is part of a constant evolution (because tennis players are just so much more 'athletic' than they used to be & they hit the ball so much harder than they used to , it's just crazy!)