2086 Electronic Tension Head version 10.2


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Item Description (Brand/Model): Wise / 2086 Electronic Tension Head version 10.2
Quantity: 1
Condition (x out of 10): 2 out of 10
*Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): a least 5 yrs of use
*General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes):
Tensioner shows Error Code #5, I contacted folks at Wise and they said it is the Load Sensor :-(
Tensioner works if i put it on a slight angle, or in vertical position, but if I put it back to horizontal position it shows the error code.
I got an estimate $150 to $190 for repairing it and they are giving 1 year warranty on the parts replaced.
If you know how to fix it you get a nice deal, or you need it for parts ...
Price: $100
Shipping: No Shipping, only Local Pick Up
Seller's Contact Info: DDRysz@gmail.com