2HBH as Left-Handed Forehand

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    Oct 20, 2006
    I've seen a number of good explanations on youtube of the 2HBH as a left-handed forehand (for a righty).

    But lets face it, it isn't quite.

    Today's modern forehand, for the pros anyhow, includes a windshield wiper follow-through with generous topspin, and western grips of various extremes.

    There isn't symmetry.

    2HBH's don't feature the left hand (for righties) swinging in a windshield wiper pattern, and if there is any preferred grip on the left hand, it's been eastern
    (althrough a good number of people use SW).

    For topspin, there's a kind of distinctive push down of the racquet head on the 2HBH, in order to facilitate the low-to-high motion.

    So the question becomes, how does one explain the differences ?

    Is it the fact that the hand is further up the racquet, that there is another hand preventing this kind of follow-through ? And why the predominance of eastern grips ?

    Or could it be that swinging up the handle with a left-handed forehand is weaker, so the shot needs to be flatter ?

    I like to understand what I can about tennis strokes, because I've found when I understand why I'm doing something, I know better what I need to do and why.

    The 2HBH still baffles me to an extent.

    - SquashPlayer

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