2hbh problems. Have to aim VERY low over the net to keep it in play. Whats wrong?

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by MaratSafin_fan, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. MaratSafin_fan

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    When I hit a 2hbh I feel that I cant aim high over the net. It goes long with a flat hit.
    The feel I have when I play my 2hbh is that I am aiming very low over the net. Feels like I am playing just above the net with only a few millimeter.
    How can I get a 1-2 meter topspin bow?

    The grips I am using is continental on my right hand and eastern on my left and I am righthanded.

    Maybe I open the racketface without knowing it? Hitting maybe to late?

    Please help me out guys! Thanks.
  2. rkelley

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Generally most folks have more trouble getting topspin on their two hander verses their forehand, so you're not alone.

    One thing that can help is changing your left hand grip to a strong E. or SW. The another thing, in concert with that change, is to make sure that you're not pulling the trigger too early on the stroke. Slightly early contact can make it really hard to get much topspin on the ball. Let it come all the way to you.

    How hard you're hitting it also has an effect. If you're really nailing the shot and standing on the baseline it will be difficult to get the ball 2 meters over the top of the net (I couldn't do it). If you're hitting more softly, and or further back, it will be more doable. In general though it's going to be a flatter shot than a forehand, or even a 1hbh. That's mitigated a bit by the fact that you have two hands on the racquet so you have greater stability, so you can live with less margin of error than on your forehand.

    Video would help.
  3. Limpinhitter

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    Two possibilities that I can think of:

    I suspect that you may be hitting too far out in front (to early), in the follow through zone. At that point your racquet face will begin to open which will cause the ball to launch with little if any spin. Try making contact a little further back, about even with your lead foot, in the contact zone, and see if that helps.

    Also, remember that, for a righty, a 2hb is primarily a left handed fh. You must dominate with the left hand and let the right hand be passive. If your right hand, with the more open grip, is too dominant, that might also cause you to launch the ball.
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  5. thug the bunny

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    I had to work a lot to adopt a good TS 2HBH. I found that strengthening the grip was the start to doing it well - strong conti RH, and SW LH. Let the LH dominate and experiment with pronating the LH through the hit (not too much though). Lastly, don't be afraid to drop the racquet head down (almost behind your butt) before starting into the forward swing so that you can really brush up on the back of the ball.
  6. Djoker91

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    Something that helped me a lot was completely straightening both arms before the swing foreward. Hate to say it, but I basically imitate roddick for my 2hbh. That helps swinging forward and up. The more spin you want, snap up more. I used to try to hit like delpo one the backhand. Fared badly...
  7. LeeD

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    Solution. Don't hit flat.
    You don't hit flat on your forehand or every serve, do you?

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