2x Dunlop 300g

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by iTxMe, Dec 20, 2010.

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    May 15, 2005

    Friends suggested to try some 300g, so I bought 2 of them on the auction site.
    1st racket.
    Great condtion. Easily 9/10 condition. Grip size is 1/8 (description from auction was 1/4 lol) With a leather grip, it feels very close to 1/4.
    Paint is in excellent condition.
    2nd racket.
    The paint on this one is like on the older i.prestige which has the mate paint peeling off, the prints are beneath the paint so they're still there. Some scratches at 3 n 9 as expected from a used racket. I'd rate 7/10. If I was playing with this stick, I wouldn't mind at all. Grip size on this is 3/8.

    Now, both rackets don't come with replacement grip.

    I'm looking to sell them as a pair, to reduce my lost. $170 shipped. (100+shipping and 70+shipping for separate purchase)

    I haven't taken pictures of the rackets but willing to take them if requested through email relativemin@gmail

    Not looking for any rackets at the moment. Go back to my old sticks. So no trades please.:)

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