3.5 F Pure Aero Team...what string should I use


I am a home stringer who will string for a few people that I know. A woman who I would estimate at 3.5 gave me her sticks to string. Looks they currently have RPM Blast Rough in them. She says her current strings are fine but is open to what I think is best. She is also open to having the racquets strung with different strings. She has no arm/elbow/wrist issues. I would like to use what I have in stock which includes:

- RPM Blast 1.25
- Technifibre Black Code 1.25
- Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.20
- Weiss Cannon Silverstring 1.20
- Head Velocity 17
- Prince Premier Control 16

Looking for opinions. I am thinking either Black Code or PTP but I am intrigued about putting a control oriented multi in but given I have never hit with any of the Pure Aeros I have no idea how tight to go to keep some control. Anyway, all you experts out there please lmk what you would recommend.


Have you ever seen a 3.5ish F play? Their technique is not too conducive to adding spin, so that would not be my top choice. You can certainly ask her. My 1st choice would be the PPC 16 right at mid-range, which would be 54#. 2nd recommendation would be the Velocity 17 at 52#.


I have strung a few PA's and I thought poly fullbed felt better under 52lbs, poly/s.gut hybrid at atound 54lbs and multi or s.gut at 56lbs or higher. But this is something that each player has to get a feel with a reference tension to start and adjust from there.