3.5 Player Review of: PDR, APDGT, Head Rad Pro, Head SPMP, Wilson Spin 105

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    Apr 24, 2012
    I have bought a lot of racquets over the past year. I have been playing 1.5 years and am a solid 3.5 and can keep up with 4.0 and compete with 4.5's (play only 1 4.5). I started out not knowing much but have learned a lot and take the game fairly serious.

    My first stick was the head youteek speed pro mp. I got this on sale from TW and got it strung with PHT. I liked this, it was my first real racquet and it did everything well. It is probably the stick I should continue to use but I like new things. It is stable, decent spin, and good power. I couldnt control my back hand with it so I wanted something new. I got into Babolat stuff so I went with the APDGT next.

    I tried one of these out at the club I joined and I liked the control and more spin I got from it. I felt like it had more power and I could hit a back hand with it. I bought one... I got it strung with Babolat Addiction at 60lb. I didnt like this that much. It felt hollow to me. Not unstable, but hollow and I just never bonded with it. I thought it could be the strings but I ended up trading it for a pure drive 135th LTD.

    Pure Drive 135th Annv:
    I traded the APDGT for this and I liked it a lot right away. It had 17g RPM blast on it and it had POWER and spin. It fit my game in every way. Nothing against this stick but I wanted the "new" one so I got the Pure Drive Roddick black.

    Pure Drive Roddick (black):
    I got this bc I liked the PD. The roddick was heavier and more stable and had more power. Serves were great with this and I was just starting to learn how to serve. I could also return powerful serves with no issue. The ball just jumped off this stick. I had 17g RPM blast on it. This has been my #1 since I got it.

    Aero Pro Drive GT PLUS:
    I started to learn the game and how to hit the ball properly and this stick has so many great reviews that I wanted to give it another shot. I also thought the + would be good for me. I got it with Luxilon 4gs and it was ok but still felt hollow to me and didnt do much for me. I liked the serve power but I dont like + or this stick.

    Wilson 105S Spin:
    I wanted more spin in my game. I feel like I dont have much but that is probably all my fault and my technique. I thought this racquet could compensate for that. I got it with 16g rpm blast. I loved this stick at first. I got a lot more spin and my serves and shots were going in. I could be a lot more aggressive with the stroke and not worry about it all that much. This did what it was supposed to do. But it lacked feel and my balls were a lot higher. I also had issues with returns of good players. I still have it but dont use it. The spin does work though. When I let others try it, I notice that their spin increases a lot just by using this racket. Their balls are harder to hit back and are a lot more heavy.

    Head Radical Pro:
    I was watching the US Open and saw Murrays stick and Sloans stick and thought that I should have one! So I bought it... I didnt do all that much research on it and got it with ALU Power 16L at 52lb. I loved this stick right away. It felt a lot more comfortable and it was light but still stable for me. It lacks power for sure but I dont mind. I can now be aggressive though my shots and they stay in. My backhand is controlable and everything works with this. I didnt play the 4.5 guy with a good serve yet so I dont know about big serve returns but it should be good. My serves have lost a lot of power but thats ok, they go in a lot more! Im going to stick with this for now...

    My quick mini reviews... Is their a racquet I should try that give me the power of a PDR with the control of the Radical Pro and the spin on the 105s? Doubt it!!!

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