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I just got two of my racquets done by my tennis center and at my surprise both racquets had 3 knots (all on the bottom) and was just wondering if it would be something to be worried about (in tension in general) or a mis-stringing from the stringer (i was not able to contact him directly).
I only had one hour to hit (with strings i never tried before) with it so I can't really tell about the feel, but was wondering if it was common as I am only accustomed to 2 knots stringing.
Thanks to all for their comments.


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Its (k)not possible to have 3 knots. Chances are if you can see 3 knots, its probably a 2 piece/4 knot pattern. The 4th one may have slipped into the grommet at the top. What frame and string are they?



Check those "3" knots carefully. I suspect that there is actually 4 knots, but that one of them is tied directly on top of another one - giving the appearance, at a cursory glance, that there are only 3.

This is quite poor workmanship, in my opinion, since the frame should have 4 separate designated tie-off locations (for 2pc. stringing).
See here...

Exactly what frame are you using?


I concur with the guys that say there is a top knot missing if you can only find 3 at the bottom. If you look down at the tip of the frame so you can see the strings enter the grommets, you should see one hole with 2 strings going in. That is where your phantom knot is. I also opine that a starting knot was used and it went into the grommet hole there. 8-B

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They probably did not use a proper starting knot, and the smaller knot got pulled into the grommet. Look closely at the top, follow the top cross string where it exits the grommet on the side where the string goes higher to the top and see what grommet it was tied to.If stringer pulls against a knot it typically is a larger bulky knot so it doesn't get pulled into the grommet and ruin the grommet.
oki thank you all for your replies.
They are both vcore 95 with isospeed blackfire, i will look for the 4th one but was not able to see at first sight! (i did believe it was poor workmanship but wanted to make sure before i complained)


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Check the outside of the racket at the top. Chances are you will find 2 strings going into one grommet and only one coming out the other side. Unless your string has string with only 1 end.
Check the outside of the racket at the top. Chances are you will find 2 strings going into one grommet and only one coming out the other side. Unless your string has string with only 1 end.
That sounds like one of those chores for interns. Send them to a supplier for a batch of one ended strings
Most likely a knot at the top has been pulled into the grommet. Seeing 3 knots at the throat means it probably isn't 1 knot tied on top of another. It would be rare to have 4 knots at 1 end of the racket.


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Perhaps the three-knot method is the latest innovation for those who wish to restring solely the cross strings.?? Diabolical!!


I can't believe you guys are not using the 3 knot method. If you want the ultimate in dynamic tension it is the only way to go. You do need to purchase a string lamination tool in order to get the best results but there are tricks around that. I do find if you want the ultimate tension maintenance it is well worth the investment in the tool and you get great results.
I’m happy to announce that I’m about to launch a kickstarter for my patented set of tools for the 3 knot method of stringing.

the benefits include:
- a decrease of 25% in knots, that must be a good thing
- more stable stringing (3 legged stools are always solid, think about it)
- faster stringing, knots are the most laborious part of the job
- esthetical advantages (it’s pretty)
- less waste of string, appr. 1.372 yards per job saved
- it will add massive spin to all your shots, FH, BH, serve, returns everything. Still working on the validation, but I’ll claim 5% as a ballpark

I’m currently negotiating a deal with an upcoming young player to endorse the method. He won’t be using it, but as racquet brands can tell ya, that’s not the point.;)
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