3 Prostaff Tour 90 & 2 N-six one tour 90 fs

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  1. all three of the prostaff grip sizes are 4 and 3/8ths, while one ncode tour 90 has a grip size of 4 and 5/8ths and the other is 4 and 3/4ths. Both ncodes do not have grips on them, but i can include them if anyone requests them.

    All of the rackets are in perfect, solid playing condition, but rating on a cosmetic scale i would rate them as 6.5s. I am offering each of the rackets for 65 shipped.

    these are pics of the prostaffs

    pics of the prostaff with a 4 and 5/8ths grip

    and the 4 and 3/4ths grip

    if you have any questions email me at Thomasdtruong@yahoo.com. I live in San Jose if anyone want to pick up locally.
  2. ezekiel114

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    Mar 31, 2008
    interested in the 3 prostaff 90's in 3/8ths
    still have them?

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