3 PSC 6.1 for sale and TRADE!!! Want AG100, Pure storm tour, APD, kblade


As the title says, I have 3 Prostaff Classic 6.1's for sale/trade.

2x white buttcap, has scuffing around racquet, may need new headguard (piece is missing on each, though works fine), some wear to graphite, though no cracks at all and will last for many more years. 5/8 grip size, comes with thinnest TW Leather Grip.

1x black buttcap, lot better condition, headguard/grommets are brand new. Some scuffing, though still very good condition (8/10?) Also has TW leather grip and 5/8 grip size.

What I am looking for: 40 + shipping each

Or: Aerogel 100's, Pure storm tour, Apd, apd cortex, kblades.
Must be in 3/8 or 1/2 grip size.


I will buy all 3 racquets for 40 plus shipping each. email me at jfristedt AT gmail DOT com .


Crazytennis: No, I did not buy these on the board. I believe I bought another one a year or two back, but I sold it. These were bought elsewhere.

JonnyF: I would like to keep it to the US (48 states), though if I cant sell them, I will make sure I let you know first.

Tennis2001: Will send pics

Steve: thanks, Ill look at it.

jfristedt: Got your email, sounds good, but I am going to send you some pictures any way to make sure you know the exact condition of the racquets.



I also have a lightly-used Aerogel 100 in excellent condition that I would be willing to sell. Grip size is 4 3/8.

Q (steveq81)