3 Tennis Coaching Myth That Need To Be Corrected!!

thomas daniels

So, today.

I wanted to address some coaching myths that have been going on for too long.

Because, they need to be corrected like yesterday.

Again, I want to point out that.

I have already tested these tips out on many tennis students here in Kansai.

So, you can be sure that I am not talking out the side of my neck... LOL

What are they?

1) Take the racket back early.

No, actually, what you want to do is think racket preparation first, then move to the ball in a natural way.

Never forget that.

"The more powerful the player you are playing against, the less time that you will have on your shots".

And that means that.

You will be thinking racket preparation and then using a table tennis swing.

2) Keep a distance from the ball.

Not true as well.

"What you want to do here is let the ball come deeper into your hitting zone, by getting closer to it, then you will be able to have better control over your shots."

This what all the pros are doing on their backhand and forehand side.

Just notice how close they get to the ball when executing their shots and the perfect timing and control that they have by doing this?

I have seen many juniors and adults make tons of errors on their back side by not getting in close enough to the ball and buying into this fault coaching myth.

But, all we need to do is study the pros more and we will see that they are going against this coaching myth as well.

Okay, last one for YOU.

3) Start your stroke early.

This actually throws off your timing during the swing.

After you are set up to hit the shot.

"Keep your non racket hand on the throat for as long as you can and then when you are lock into your hitting zone... let the racket flow all the way through the stroke."

These are just 3 coaching myth and there are many more that I may address later, if you guys would like me to.

Let me know in the comment section below.


For now.

Experiment with these 3 and tell me about your results later.


I would love to hear about them.


Have a great weekend guys!!
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