3 Things That You Have To Do With Short Balls.

thomas daniels

The first thing YOU have to do is...

Make a strong and smooth contact move.

This is where juniors and adults mess up with their timing for the shot.

Write this down.

You want to think in with the hands and light on your feet.

I suggest jumping rope, because it will help with your footwork and it will help you to develop a better contact move.


Comes the set-up phase of the shot.

But we have to go back to the contact move we just talked about.

"Because it will determine how much time you will have to execute the shot and it will also effect your timing for the shot".

So, everything is going to be determined by the contact move that you make.

Think about it like this.

It's going to set you up to be in poisition to really let the shot flow for you and generate more power.

Always be looking to come in on all short balls and finish the point off too.

To get the most power and energy that you will need, when attacking those short balls.

You must let your body and momentum take you through the ball and into the net in a natural way.

Which means that.

You must have a solid net game.

The last thing that you have to do is...

Let the racket do all the work from there.

After you are in position to make the shot.

Let the stroke flow from there.

The one thing that you will notice about the pros is that.

They all have a flowing stroke and they allow the racket to do most of the work for them, after they are in position to hit their shots.

So, model after what they are doing.

Quick summary.

Work on your contact move more in practice and get it to a point were it is dynamic, powerful and smooth.

Then, take your time and get into position to attack those short balls.(you should never FEEL rushed)

And then, let the racket do all the WORK from there.

I see so many adults and juniors trying to over power short balls in play and they end up muscling them and missing those shots.

When all they have to do is... loosen their grip and let the stroke FLOW.
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The slice FH approach is my weakest shot by far. It's the weakest part of my game, period. This is good reading, although I think it's more for full-swing shots, some of it still applies to my issue.

thomas daniels

All you have to do with your slice is work on your contact move more and give yourself enough time to bite under the ball(to keep it low), a good drill is to toss the ball up to yourself and slice it back up. Make sure you are slicing the ball right back up and catching it with your non racket hand. This drill will give you a better feel for your racket on your slice forehand. Also try to fake out your opponent, by setting up like you are going to slice it and then just flatten the ball out on them.


Like this?

Guy at the net is probably gonna have to get one of these