3 Things That You Must Manage Better In Your Tennis Matches.

thomas daniels

Before I get into the post.

There is something that I want to say to you readers out there... as you can see from the comments on many of my post.

(90% of the people on this site have no idea or coaching philosophy about learning or playing the game.)

So, Make sure that you don't listen to them.

But, with that being the case.

If you want to take your matchplay game to another level and you should want to, my friend.

Keep reading and testing out my tips for yourself, before you pass any judgement on them.

Make sense right?

Now, let's dive into the post.

There are 3 things that you must manage better in your tenns matches.


Your emotions under pressure.

Write this down.

"I'm not playing tennis, I'm playing the mental game!"

Then, affirm that to yourself on a daily basis, until you imprint it into your subconscious mind.

Another thing.

Always detach from the outcome on big points and mentally picture what you want to happen before the point and flow with whatever does happen after the point starts.


You must manage your opponent.

Be formless with your play and never allow them to read you.

This is why you should scout your opponent and get to know their matchplay game better than they know it themselves.

That way, you can set and keep the tempo for the whole match.

Try this.

Before any match.

Do some scouting on the player and then some warrior meditation on how you are going to play them.

It's like mental rehearsal before a match, you want to play the whole match out in your mind first.

Also make sure that you do these sessions with feelings and emotion.

I read before that.

The great Poncho would do warrior meditation every night before he would sleep leading up to the match.

And listen to this.

"He said that it would feel like deja vu during the matches".

That's how powerful this can be and work for you in future matches.


Your own mental game.

This brings us back to the first tip.

You must understand that you are not playing tennis during competition.

"What you are REALLY playing is the mental game and your results will be determined by how well you learn how to play it on any given day".

Here is the deal.

After you have mastered all your strokes, you need to master how to play the mental game on a consistent basis.

Which can be done, by taking your mental game to another level.


By working on your mental game twice as much as your tennis game!!

Okay, so there you have it.

Those are 3 things that you must manage better in your tennis matches.

Time to get to work on them!!!
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If you want to take your matchplay game to another level and you should want to, my friend.

Why should you want to? None of us is going to make living at rec tennis. What tangible benefit does one derive from going from 4.0 to 4.25?

My advice would be to channel all that effort into a job that pays money so you can afford the spare time and resources to train with a coach on essential tennis skills.