3 times ı thought Rafa can win more GS than Fed.I dont think he will anymore


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The first ı begin to believe was 2009 right after AO. What could go wrong he totally owns Fed and Fed cant win RG and Rafa already winner of GS titles in ALL SURFACES. We know what happened.
2011 he had an amazing GS season year before already career slam winner and his biggest rival is his PİGEON what can go wrong. We know what happened.
2014 he had amazing season 2013 was best hard court player of that year and even Djoko not seems to be a big problem anymore and reached a final in AO against a guy he never even lost a set,double career slam is on the corner and things can only get better.
Rafa managed to turn back to a very decent level and wining slams after 2015 and 2016 slump but he doesnt seem to close the gap between Fed who also does amazing and time is running out. I am totally happy what he achieved especially the after the HUGE slump in 2015 and 2016 but Fed slam record in my book not reachable anymore.I think Fed will end with 22 slams Rafa 19.


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Most tennis fans (aside from VB-ers) never thought it was possible. He needs four more majors to pass Fed and is 32, which is virtually impossible with his style of play and his history of injuries.

Also some food for thought for Nadalists complaining that Roger "ducked" Rafa on clay. As Michael Stich pointed out today, Nadal hasn't played one single match off clay in a non-major this year. He skipped everything off clay except the AO.
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I doubt he'll surpass Federer's slam count but let's just wait and see what happens at W and USO 2018.


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I thought before 2014 AO final he could do it. Truth is, he's struggled too much with Djokovic and his own body for it to be possible now.


2014 AO and also 2014 RG I thought it possible.

After 2015/2016 I felt he was done and was more surprised by his comeback in 2017 than Federer’s.

Don’t think he’ll do it and still expect him to drop off either 2019 or 2020. Don’t think he’s invincible on clay, this run can’t go on forever at his age.


A lot of people getting really nervous.if the humble one win Wimby or/and UO this place would get fire.


I didn’t actually think he would break it. I said in 2013 he would get to 15. But he is on 17 now so he once again proves us wrong. I still do not think he will be I would like to see it happen. It would be nice to see Novak get closer.


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The worst future is when Nadal wins more slams and has a winning H2H against Federer, but obviously still isn't in the GOAT conversation. That debate ended years ago.


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Nadal best chance was in 2017 AO.If he had won this final he would have got 2 Slams behind Fed plus this would have had really bad impact on Federer.4 lost GS finals in a row and Federer wouldnt have the needed confidence for Wimbledon 2017.Fortunately this didnt happen