3 Torn Groin Muscles = 6-8 weeks off tennis


O.K., I did not listen. :oops::(

Many have posted advice on this forum, to take some time off if you feel a little injury to allow it to heal properly, and to avoid a greater injury. I also did not listen to my own body telling me the same thing.

During the month of April I was feeling a little nagging groin pull which amounted to a little soreness 1-3 days after a match, so I limited myself to playing tennis just once a week. I decided to take 2-3 weeks off to recover right after a final USTA match (3.0 #1 singles) of the year on May 1st. You can guess where this is going! 5-7, 3-3 up 0-30 to break and my opponent dug out one of my shots I thought was a winner and I had to sprint back to the baseline and try to twist and lob at the same time and POP, (yes, I heard them snap), I went down, thinking I may have to retire from a match for the first time ever. Dedided to try to finish the match, did, lost 5-7, 6-3 of course.

After a visit to my primary Dr., an MRI and two orthopedic Drs. it was determined that I tore the adductor brevis, longus and magnus which resulted in a 3.7cm retraction.

The good news: (1) I only missed the time off work to make the medical appointments (2) My health club allows suspended dues for medical leave. (3) Will not need to undergo surgery-1st & 2nd opinions agreed.

The bad news: I will miss appx 6-8 weeks of tennis during recovery & PT.

Will follow up with recovery process, I'm hoping the physical therapist will give me the green light for at least light hitting sooner--we'll see?

Moral to this long story:
LISTEN to good advice and your own body's warnings!
Sorry to hear about your injury.

Thanks for posting the warning.

Hope you recover quickly.

Are you planning to keep up with at least a little dumbell upper extremity work so you won't fall victim to another injury when you return?


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Bad news, start playing chess is also considered an sport I'm doing that.

6/8 weeks sounds short when is not your body, keep calm an relax.


Yes, I am trying to do some shoulder exercises to clear up a little soreness in my hitting shoulder. Also some wrist curls while watching some of the many hours of tennis matches I have on the DVR.

I have my 3rd PT visit today, the PT said that on this visit she will be assigning some homework exercises for my lower body rehab.

I'm fairly confident that since I was in pretty good condition before the injury, that I can get cleared fairly soon for at least light hitting. I'm going to ask fairly soon if just practicing serving would be good or bad for my injury recovery.

Will update soon. :)


Good luck with your rehab. Make sure you don't play until it's fully healed! It's not worth it to have a long term nagging injury. I tore both groin muscles almost two years ago and they're still giving me fits every time I play.


A few weeks prior to the major injury, I had a little soreness in the same area. I just reduced my tennis to once/week instead of twice and the soreness did not disappear completely, but was diminished enough after a weeks rest to be not noticible during a match. The major injury happened when I tried to full sprint back to the baseline to defend a lob, I tried to plant, twist and hit the ball all in one motion and, "pop".

The PT is working on strengthening my core and the non-torn muscles surrounding the injury. I will have to resolve to add some weight training to my schedule (not just tennis for exercise). Start practicing pre-match stretching. Also, working on not trying to retrieve every shot, letting a shot go by and trying to make it up on the next point. The reality is my mind thinks I can defend like Monfils-the problem(s) are: I'm quick, but not pro quality shots, and I think Monfils body is 1/2 my age.:oops: