30-30: Federer the best


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30-All Winning Percentage = 79 Per Cent

At love-all, the elite eight players have an 86 per cent chance of holding serve. Four points later at 30-30, that percentage drops slightly, to 79 per cent.

But that 79 per cent is just an average of the Top 8 players. Federer leads the group, holding 86 per cent of the time from 30-all. Nadal, though, holds only 71 percent of the time.

40-30 Winning Percentage = 93 Per Cent

If one of the Top 8 players wins the 30-all point while serving, their odds of winning that game shoot up to 93 per cent.

When Djokovic is in that position, he holds 97 per cent of the time, the highest percentage of the Top 8. Nishikori and Ferrer hold 91 per cent of the time, the lowest of the group.

These top of the tree competitors, the Top 8, all hold serve more than 90 per cent of the time when their games reach the dominant scorelines of 15-0, 30-0, 30-15, 40-0, 40-15 and 40-30.

30-40 Winning Percentage = 52 per cent

Losing the 30-all point basically creates a break-even scenario for the server. When that happens, the Top 8 win only 52 per cent of their service games. Tomas Berdych, 44 per cent, and Rafael Nadal, 45 per cent, were the only two players under 50 per cent, while Federer was again the clear leader at 58 per cent.