$30K prize $ tourney in VA, ACC players entered-registration ends tonight ($7500 to singles winner)


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Mid-Atlantic McDonalds $30,000 Clay Court Championships https://www.myutr.com/events/3939?t=1

Several ACC players in main draw from UNC, Duke, VA Tech, Notre Dame plus a couple of guys from South Carolina as well as a rising OSU freshmen and current players from Wisconsin and Indiana. Looks like the MD (24 direct entry) UTR range will be 12-almost 14, and the Quali draw has a couple of unranked players plus plenty of guys in UTR 8.00-11.99 range. Tourney is in Midlothian outside Richmond-sounds like a fun one to watch or play if you are decent on clay. 8 guys from Quali will get in MD. Tourney also has men's dubs as well as women's singles and dubs. Plenty of spots left in Qualis-would have to be at least in low 12s to get direct entry in MD.