33 lbs, tumor removed from mans face.

at what point do you give up and say, just shoot me.

GUANGZHOU CITY, China -- A Chinese man known as the "Elephant Man" in his local province is about to get surgery to have a 33-pound tumor removed from his face.Doctors said it may be the most extreme case of this type of facial tumor seen in the world.

The 31-year-old man has suffered from the tumor since birth. But left untreated, it has grown to more than 30 pounds.

The weight of carrying the tumor on his face has deformed the man's backbone, stunted his growth and left him in physical and emotional pain.

A team of doctors will try to remove the tumor.

However, the surgery isn't without risk. Ultrasounds have revealed several large blood vessels that may hemorrhage and cause the patient to bleed to death during the operation.

Despite the risks, doctors said they are optimistic they can remove the giant tumor and reconstruct the man's face.



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I feel bad for that poor man, I hope everything goes well and he can live a (relatively) normal life. But why did they wait until it was that huge, not right when he was a baby?


Ok maybe they couldnt see it when he was lil cos he was poor. but when it gets to....10 pounds to go to a docotr at all costs?


I've seen patients who had head or neck tumors the size of their head (giving an elegant two-headed appearance) who didn't have surgery because they refused to consent, and biopsies had shown the mass to be benign, or not life-threatening.


Guys, he/his parents probably couldn't afford to have it removed 'till now. We tend to forget just how bad off some people in some other countries have it...I really feel for the guy; hopefully, they'll eventually be able to straighten his spine out with surgery/therapy, and this will be the start of a whole new life for him...