4 knots or 2 knots ???

Hey all,

Just want to confirm something here:

When stringing a racket with a hybrid (2 different strings) there will obviously be 4 knots when tying everything off ... easy logic

I always tell my stringer to string with 2 knots when using 1 string for the whole frame because I always thought that it retains tension better. My understanding is that the less knots you have, especially when using only one type of string for the whole job, the better the tension retains, is this a true statement ?

So my question is this:

If I string a whole frame with ALU rough, will 2 knots hold tension better than 4 knots ? (Same string in the whole frame)

Thanks !


I think ALU Rough is too stiff of a string for a 1-piece stringing. 2-piece is all 180 degree turns around the frame. Mains to crosses turns require some 90 degree turns and poly string doesn't lock into place as well. That's how I feel about it.