4 Star Tennis Camp (UVA)

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    Feb 9, 2005
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    My 10 year old daughter just returned from camp so I figured I'd provide some feedback from her and some of my observations:

    -- Campers stay in university dorms. Standard college dorm room with two beds and a communal bathroom for the hallway. Of course there is no AC in the rooms. Each hallway has its own resident advisor who is a camp counselor.

    -- My daughter enjoyed the counselors at the camp. All appeared to be UVA students. I believe only one was actually a UVA tennis team member.

    -- The instruction was fairly basic. Drills the first three days and a tourney on the fourth. Friday involves no instruction. Check-in was on Sunday afternoon.

    -- Food was college cafeteria fare. My daughter enjoyed it. There were daily trips to the pool in the afternoon. One trip to the university bookstore, one to Walmart for supplies, and another to a campus food joint. There was one movie night which involved a screening of Top Gun.

    Overall, the camp was a good choice for my daughter's first tennis camp. So thumbs up from me. We were only a couple hours away and it wasn't too hardcore. Price was $695 for the week plus a $100 key deposit. Considering the similar prices, I believe her next year's camp will be to Saddlebrook followed by a Disney trip.

    If you have questions, I'll try to answer them.


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