4D 300 tour mold same as m-fil plus?


I feel like I read somewhere on here that these two racquets are the same mold only a different string pattern. Is this true? I've Bern wanting to hit an 18x20 but hate changing frames so this could be a great upgrade opportunity if it's true


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Yes. Seems like it's the same mold as the m-fil 200 16x19. Apparently these are from the "tour mold" that has been used by quite a few pros for years (Blake Haas, etc) and has been used for other Dunlop sticks in the past (and last gen Tecnifibre as well) for some time.


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I currently own the M-fil 200+.

It's a racket that I could take to and adapt immediately, with very little adjustment needed, coming from a leaded up KSurge.

Great all-round racket, only gripe with it was that I seriously needed a big dampener with this as I couldn't stand the sound/feel of it... Also, the racket was great all round, but just didn't have the "wow" factor for me. Maybe it's because of the MG Prestige Mid I bought at the same time, so maybe it diluted the experience of the Dunlop (MGPM is sweeeeeet. Period.) although I can perform better with the Dunlop straight away.

If the 4D 300 tour is the same mold, is there any reason to try it? Who has tried both and can someone compare it for me? Even better if you can make reference to the MGPM as well as that is THE STICK right now for me in terms of feel and hitting pleasure. Buttery smooth, *THWAP* and off the ball shoots off into the lines. Not much need for dampaners either just rubber band.



I want to try it because I play with the m-fil 200 plus and love the frame. I hit pretty flat with a descent amount of power and although the same mold, the 300 tour is 18x20 as opposed to 16x19 on the 200 plus.