5-0? I thought we just switched before the last game!

Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by Oldracquet27, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Oldracquet27

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    Sep 11, 2006
    How do you do when players INSIST on not calling the score out loud just to confuse everything later when they question the scores, (specially when they are down).

    I played a match where the opponent did not call the points in the game, either the games in the set. I mentioned something nicely, i guess she did not get it , it was a point where i was calling the score on her service games. You know i am the type of player trying to avoid all this drama i have been seeing in USTA leagues at all cost. We did not have an argument about it maybe because the score was sooo my way, but how about if it had been close??????

    Is there a point where USTA leagues become drama free, i mean real players who go out there to play good tennis, know the rules and just expect to respect and being respected back.?
  2. sphinx780

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    What I would do in this situation is hold your hand out before returning each serve and ask the score. Most players would eventually start saying the score out after this occurs enough.

    That being said, I've been playing league tennis for about 7 years now: both men's and mixed doubles and can count on one hand the amount of matches where drama was involved. So, you may have just had some bad luck with who you had to play, but that shouldn't be a consistent case.

    For the most part, I'm not one that is prone to reacting to the little annoyances and just keep on playing my game. Only in an extreme case would I feel the need to address an issue.

    Some players just have bad luck and get to play all the whack jobs, but there are plenty of others who fail to realize that they are enabling the drama they claim to want to avoid so take some of the stories you read here with a bowl full of salt.
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    It is extremely annoying, and some players just can't seem to "fix" themselves. It's so easy to put into your pre-shot routine.
  4. goran_ace

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    I haven't seen a league match in my area played without scorecards and as long as you flip them at least as often as every changeover it won't be an issue. Ok, 90% of the teams are based at private clubs, but even at public courts I see captains bring scorecards. Not sure if this is a requirement, or if it's just a best practice/recommendation.

    If the person doesn't believe it is already 5-0 I would recommend geting all four players at the net and walk through the progression of the games, who served and if they held or got broken to recap how it got to 5-0. When certain people are losing they tend to lose track of things. Funny how that never happens when they are winning.

    Ha! No.
  5. ChipNCharge

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    Jun 28, 2004
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    Just as they're about to start their service motion, I ask them, "what's the score?" They usually make sure to start calling out the score after a couple times of me doing that.

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