[5] Del Potro vs. [6] Davydenko -- FINALS -- WTF 2009

Who will will the 1500 points and the Title?

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Del Potro on his match with Denko.

“He's very strong,” complimented del Potro. “I never beat him on hard court or indoors. He's very fast. He plays like PlayStation. He runs down everything. It is very difficult to hit winners [against him]. But I think he is a great champion. Nobody knows how we can beat him.”


LOL at he plays like playstation.I'm beginning to like Delpo more and more,great player and a great guy.


Roddick is done on all surfaces except grass. Just look at his results since Wimbledon. He isnt consistent anymore.

You're right :

SF at AO
Career best 4th round at the FO
SF at Madrid
SF at Indian Wells
QF at Miami
Won Memphis

That guy totally sucks on everything but grass.


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LMAO...Davy beat all three slam winners to win this title..congrats Davy is the man..he deserves respect.


Roddick has been done since Federer came along,and now he has Del Potro as well that beats him all the time,just like beating "a red headed step-child",Justin's phrase when Tsonga destroyed Nadal at the AO 2008.


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Well done Davey:)

Best tournament win of your career, I've never been a huge fan until this week, but you played great tennis all week!

I'm also extra pleased as I had a feeling you were going to win, and had a small bet:)


WOW DAVAI DAVY!!!!!! Awesome. So happy for you :)
Praying that your great form stays with you to fight the big fight next season at the slams.


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LOLOLOL did anybody see this one from Del Potro? DP said 'He plays like PlayStation.' when commenting on Davy. So funny!