5 Parts Of Your Matchplay Game That need To Be Develop For Competing On A Consistent Higher Level!!

thomas daniels

Dear Competitive Tennis Players.

Before I share these tips, for playing better in your matches.

There is one thing that...

I need to say.

Which is...

Of course, you want and need to develop an all-around matchplay game for competing at a high level.


You need to focus on developing these 5 parts first and you need to do this as fast as possible.

Okay, write these down right now and then get to work on them in practice tomorrow.

First one.

Develop a solid second serve.

"Because you are only as good as your second serve is in your tennis matches".

Second one.

Develop a rock-solid return game, that will allow you to be very aggressive on your returns and will allow you to take control over points, then you can use the third one.

Which is...

Develop a tenacious net game.

You have to get in more reps in practice and work on your front-court movement more with live ball drills and be aware of your coverage ability, until you gain more confidence in your net-play. Then focus on being VERY tenacious with your play for 2 months straight.

Practice makes perfect and this is all about shifting your mindset about being up there and what you are capable of doing when you are up there!!

Now, number four.

Develop a reliable smash!!!

This is the one-shot that juniors and adults don't work on enough in practice and in their lessons and it is an important shot because if you can't make a smash in your matches, your opponent is going to have a lob fest against you every time and exploit it!!

And the last one.

Develop a GREAT approach shot.

I like to use the pros as an example for this one.

Notice how all the top-ranked players have a GREAT approach shot?

Which actually wins the points outright for them.

Because it makes closing out and winning the point that must easier.

So, those are my top 5 right there.

(Zone in and make this your focus point and work on those 5 parts of your game for the next 2 months).

And you will be winning more matches in that same amount of time!!!

You can bank on that happening too, my friend!!


Hall of Fame
Unless your goal is to serve and volley + chip and charge all day, I recommend adding "develop a deep and consistent crosscourt rally ball" to the list.


Talk Tennis Guru
#s 3, 4, & 5 are a given for someone who is thinking about attacking the net. But since many are uncomfortable in the forecourt, it's difficult to get them to move forward. It's not just a matter of working on a shot but changing a mindset.