6.1L and PS 100L


Main differences on court between a 6.1L and a prostaff 100L, can anyone tell me?
Not sure which I'll demo, I'm afraid that the prostaff will behave like a rock.


Demo the PS97LS or the 6.1L. The PS100L is IMO a failure and I'm fairly happy they're dumping it. Too light for its construction (thin box beam), has the sweetspot of a 95in² racquet, no plow, no power, none of the advantages commonly associated with lighter and bigger racquets. If you insist on getting at light 100in² racquet, I'd demo something else.

Can't talk about the 6.1L myself. However I did playtest the PS97LS and found it was a very convincing frame, worth a demo.


I use a 95L, my GF uses a PS100L and I recently bought a 97LS. I like the 95Ls feel so much more than the others. 100L swings so much easier and the 97LS has substantially more power but "low" feel for my liking.


I always say this "18x20 produces more game!"
I don't want to test the spin models, it reminds me a babolat frame, power power with less feel