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Discussion in 'Strings' started by dacrymn, Aug 5, 2009.

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    I have a gamma progression 6-point mount stringer. For people not familiar with this, it has 2 center posts and 4 swivel-able mounts that secure onto the frame from the the outside. The racket sits on these 4 points, not actually touching anything else but the posts at the top and bottom of the racket head.

    So here's the problem: one of the arms is low. The other three are at the same height, but this one arm is a *tiny* bit lower than the others, definitely not over 1/8 of an inch. Consequently, the racket will twist ever so slightly no matter what, and I know I shouldn't tighten the arms too much. I've already strung a racket on it without knowledge of this, and during that time I remember that the racket was touching all 4 sides. If you can piece two and two together, you'd figure out that this means the hoop of the racket was slightly bent. I know rackets are supposed to be flexible (RA of 72 on this specific once, fyi) in this way, so I don't think it'll do anything.

    Am I right, or will something bad happen?

    Also, does anyone know if these arms are actually adjustable? I've inspected the mount and it doesn't seem like it's possible, and if you think about, there's no reason for the manufacturer to design it with this function. Any ideas?

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    I would find it real difficult to bend the support arm it's made of cast steel. Check to see if the joint is loose or possibly the nut is loose. You should not be able to move it up or down, at least from what you are describing.

    You could put a level on the arms to see if it's parallel with the base plate.

    How long have you had this machine? I would call Gamma, I hear they have Great customer service. Explain your problem and maybe send a picture,too. I'm pretty sure they can help you.

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