6 Rackets-- All $35-$70 Liquidmetals, o3 tours, yonexs

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by MonkeyMan123, Jul 22, 2008.

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    Aug 17, 2006
    I have the following for sale:

    1 Prince o3 tour midsize 6.5-7/10 condition, bought 4 months ago, played with everyday, never thrown, but the paint chips come off super easily and it scratches very, very easily, it plays perfectly fine, but has a few dings and scratches, strung with topspin cyberflash 17 @ 51 lbs. -$50 shipped through paypal. 4 1/4 grip size

    1 Prince o3 tour midsize 8.5-9/10 condition, bought two weeks ago, played with 9 times, never thrown, looks great, few scratches, plays perfect, freshly strung today with sppp mains at 53 and psgd crosses at 55-$75 4 3/8 grip size

    1 Yonex Nano Speed RQ 7- 6.5-7/10 condition, looks bad after lead tape was applied and taken off, has some scrapes and scratches and dings, 4 1/4 grip size, plays fine, $35

    1 Yonex Nano Speed RQ 7-8.5-9/10 condition, looks great, some scuffs on head guard, plays perfect, unstrung but can string it with whatever you want upon request, has a leather grip, 4 1/4 grip size, $60

    1 Head Liquidmetal 2-8.5-9/10 condition, looks almost brand new, just some scuffs on the head, played with three times, buttcap somehow fell off, synthetic gut -$50, 4 3/8 grip size

    1 Head Liquidmetal Rave-7/10 condition, looks good, plays great, has some scuffs and scratches, played with for almost exactly one year, has plenty of play left, no buttcap, will freshly string it with whatever you like upon request, right now it has blue gear in the mains and x-1 biphase in the crosses, -$50 ,4 3/8 grip size

    EMAIL ME AT robintopspintennis@gmail.com for negotiations and pictures or questions, THANKS OR you can just reply back here.

    PAYPAL ONLY, also, I will sell everything but the newer o3 tour ms all for $200

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