7 K90s FS! 1/2 and 3/8. all good (7-8/10) condition.


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Yep, if you've been waiting for the new BLXs to come out so you could hop on those very tasty and much better K90s, now's your shot. :)

Pics up soon, but as for now, all of them are anywhere from a 9 to an 8 and strung, most of them with full cyberflash.

I have a decent amount of references on here, and if needed, I could probably talk to the people who haven't left me any and get some more.


im interested in the 3/8. email me at abraham.konda at gmail.com. whats the price?


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Shoot, forgot to add-
My email is adam.l.boldt@gmail.com
And sorry for the trouble, but if everyone could just email me it would work much better, because I recently dumped my sent folder so I don't know who I contacted and who I didn't.