93p 18x20 vs. Graphene 360+ Prestige Mid


Can’t go wrong. Both play great, look great, feel great, and do everything well. Choose based on color, or head shape, or which company you’d rather support, or price.

If you’re an ambitious sub-4.5 player who relies on spin to any extent, maybe favor the Head slightly. But otherwise, no reason to favor either, IMO. Both suited my E FH, slice BH, S&V, C&C game just fine, and neither flagged when I got involved in rallies. With full, confident strokes, either stick can make the ball do whatever you like.

Me, I’d lean Prince. It’s just such a pure player’s frame response that I sincerely believe it’ll still be sought after like St. Vincent 6.0’s in 40-50 years.

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Title says it all. What do you think about each racket, and how they compare to each other?
As has been said, both are fantastic racquets that do everything well. For me personally, it comes down to the feel/ comfort when hitting the ball. My pick is the 93P.

I must mention that I played with my friend's G360+ Mid (which at the time was strung with FB poly) and it felt just that smidge firm when hitting (I prefer the feel of the G360+ Prestige MP, just for reference). This is something that I'm sure can be solved with a Hybrid string job (or a full Multi or Syn Gut or Gut string job), but the 93P strung with a FB poly felt more comfortable. This also means that if both racquets were strung with the same Hybrid set up, the 93P would still be ahead in my book.

It must be noted that the G360+ PM has more power, and probably a bit more spin, in stock form. However, the feel and precision of the 93P makes it my winner. I've added a small amount of weight to my 93P at 3 & 9 o'clock, as well as, equal weight 7" above the butt cap, and it now has all the power and weight-of-shot I need.


Title says it all. What do you think about each racket, and how they compare to each other?
PMid for extra power and spin. Probably more competitive out if the two nowadays.

P93 for nicer feel and more precision...I do feel it needs a bit of lead on V throat for full potential.

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Title says it all. What do you think about each racket, and how they compare to each other?
Prestige Mid has more pop and is a little easier to use if you like to generate heavier topspin. It has a nice feel but it’s not a pure classic feel. There are bad vibrations on mishits that don’t happen with the 93P.

93P has better feel and is more surgical while allowing you hit hit big shots when needed. The balance of the 93P is perfect in stock form and it really doesn’t need lead at all. String with full poly at 45#s. The Prestige is probably better at 48#.

Both frames are excellent on serve. The 93P rewards a varied game slightly more than the Head, which encourages a little more baselining.


Agree with the 360+ mid prestige firm comments. I feel like that frame, with lead at 12, feels something like a pure drive/strike crammed into a mid. Really opens the benefits to a mid frame up to a new market of players imo.


You will forget you have the mid in your hands, it's so manœuvrable, extremely precise with a good plow through.
You need to have a good footwork to use it though
All in All a better racquet than the 93P
For the 16.5mm beam width at the throat of the 93p, I would probably enjoy the oldtime offhand and thinbeam aerodynamic feel more. Can't really find the old thin beam types anymore as new frames except for these phantoms or occasional reissues of older racquets by other manufacturers.
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Yep and you just string the 93p in the mid 40s and it bangs.
Completely agree. The feedback I received from my hitting partners was that my shots had plenty of weight and power to them. Not as much as with a BP 16x19, or an RF97A, a PT630, or my Angell TC95 63RA 18x20... but when combined with the incredible precision and variety that is possible, enough to make the opponent uncomfortable.

Great racquet.
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