A case for Wozniacki to the Hall of Fame? A comparison

Does Caroline Wozniacki deserve to be inducted to the Hall of Fame?

  • Yes, has enough credentials

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • No, but she's very close to it

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Not al all

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Hall of Fame
After a long sought Grand Slam title for Caroline Wozniacki has finally arrived to port, let's compare the Dane to several great one Grand Slam "wonders" and if they have been inducted or not to the Hall of Fame.

-Andy Roddick: US Open 2003 title, 4 GS finals lost, YE#1 in 2003 and 13 weeks at #1, 5 Masters 1000s, 32 overall titles, inducted in 2017.
-Michael Chang: Roland Garros 1989 title, 3 GS finals lost, peak ranking of #2, 7 Masters 1000s, 34 overall titles, inducted in 2008.
-Thomas Muster: Roland Garros 1995 title, #1 in 1996 for 6 weeks, 8 Masters 1000s, 44 overall titles, not inducted.
-Juan Carlos Ferrero: Roland Garros 2003 title, 2 GS finals lost, #1 in 2003 for , 4 Masters 1000s, 16 overall titles, not inducted.
-Conchita Martínez: Wimbledon 1994 title, 2 GS finals lost, peak ranking of #2, 7 Tier I titles, 34 overall titles, not inducted.
-Gabriela Sabatini: US Open 1990 title, 2 GS finals lost, peak ranking of #3, silver medal in Seoul 1998, 2 WTA Finals, 6 Tier I titles, 27 overall titles, inducted in 2006.
-Caroline Wozniacki: Aus Open 2018 title, 2 GS finals lost, YE#1 in 2010-11 and 68 weeks at #1, 1 WTA Finals, 5 Premier Mandatory/5 titles, 28 overall titles, not eligible yet to HoF.

Red Rick

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Ferrero not being inducted yet is the most criminal, his #1 ranking is underrated compared to what other greats were able to sneak a few weeks in.
Yeah, Ferrero should be in. Any guy with a Slam, #1 time, DC should be in. Wozzy deserves it too imo, but not at the first year of eligibility.


Given enough time, all GS winners will get it ... eventually ... maybe even posthumously ... perhaps barring political reasons.