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Would it at all be possible to offer a legacy style interface for those that preferred the older style of the forum to this new one? I feel like the differences between the two (current and 'old') are quite stark. That said I'm sure some love the new layout so I know I do not speak for everyone when I ask this. However I do think I speak for a fair few...

If this is impossible for whatever reason it would at least be appreciated by many (I'm sure) to be aware of this.

Also can't say I see much difference between the "Classic" and "Default" style so I do not think that is enough of a workaround to mimic the older style forum.


For my proposed solutions to the new forum, assuming a legacy style re-skin cannot be offered, please view my post here: https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/message-board-update.629035/#post-12794370

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