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    So I work at a shop, and I feel like we do quality work with only a few frames coming back over the 6 months with "freak" problems and snappage.

    A very experienced stringer for the powershares series laid down a few "nevers" and it seems like it goes against all conventional stringing. So lets get a few opinions in here too.

    First: He said "never use a starting knot, it warps the frame"

    I can see how that would happen on maybe a 2-point mount or on an old racket. But with conventional 6 point mounts and strong modern frames is this really an issue? further more why would an industry invent a "starting knot" specifically if it is bad practice to use it?

    Second: Never tie two different string types on to eachother. *like tie a poly cross to a gut main or vice versa*"

    That would require opening up all kinds of grommets for ANY hybrid string job as for i recall, only the baboloat pure storms have a non-main starting point for the crosses. I don't know you'd think that Wilson might make more grommets open if this were regular?

    I am not saying this guy is wrong, it just seems like a few things that go against very established practices. I don't know.... I trust him as he is 100x more experienced than I will ever be, bu my starting knots have never caused an issue or no breakage has come back on a starting knot.

    Discuss. Thanks for your time guys

  2. Irvin

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    I doubt a starting knot will wrap the frame but if you work there and they don't want you using a starting knot then don't use one.

    I like to tie off the mains and crosses in the normal tie off holes. If I have the option I will tie a main to a main and a cross to a cross. I do not like to have to open up a grommet in order to use it as a tie off. Maybe if I every have a problem tying different strings I may change my mind but I never have.

    EDIT: Only some Babolat's have a top cross tie at 11H. Many Babolat's have extremely small grommets and I would NEVER open one of them up to use as a tie off.
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    You must be Bill Barber's buddy.

    I never use a starting knot because i use a starting clamp, but I don't buy that it warps the frame.

    Tying off plastic onto natural gut can be risky.
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    Sounds like he's a couple of weeks early for April Fools' Day.
  5. bluegrass_stringer

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    Dec 29, 2011
    Agreed. Never heard the starting knot issue. I have heard about tying off crosses to other crosses, etc. But it is not an issue.
  6. jgrushing

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    As a long time home stringer, I do both of these things routinely. My three main racquets are 8 years old and have been strung countless times. No warping and I use a starting knot every time. Also, I tie syngut to natural gut often and it lasts just fine.
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    This guy strings for pros and former pros (Powershares Series)? Seems like he is messing with you.

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