A December Slam??


1) If need be, a slam such as USO could be moved to early December, using the enclosed courts in Ashe and Armstrong (with portable heaters if no heat is already installed) as well as the 12 courts of the indoor tennis pavillion there. Tourney could be extended to 2 1/2 weeks if need be and everyone still gets home well in time for Christmas and New Year.

2) Don't like that idea? Okay. USTA cheers up Larry Ellison by having USO at Indian Wells this year in December, Larry gets a cut of the revenue.

3) FO held in early December at a facility in the south of France where weather is more favorable. Awwww hell, have it in French Martinique!


I don't think the USTA would have a problem here. They own the USO, they have the long term lease in NYC, they're pretty much impervious to any pressure to move the event permanently.


As awesome it would be to have the US Open in Southern California, Indian Wells in a desert. I cannot imagine any player wanting to play a night match in 40F degree weather in December. October would be the latest that it could be played.


We have to think of a solution for Wimbledon:
1) Nov. ATP field expands to 132, and serves as Wimbledon Indoors. It's near enough to the real Wimbledon.
2) Isn't Jamaica a UK territory, and aren't all tennis courts there on grass? They can move there and have real lawn tennis. And think of all the winter vacationers from up north in December.

But, of course, sorry to be bearer of bad news. All the sideshow (women, doubles, handicapped, juniors) will have to wait for next year.