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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by grizzly4life, May 29, 2006.

  1. grizzly4life

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    Apr 30, 2006
    thoughts i'd share a few things that have been working fairly well for me recently....

    1) i got thinking about how nadal seems to give federer fits with the topspin to his backhand........... well, if it gives arguably the greatest player ever fits, it should work quite well at much, much lower levels. and the two guys at my level i know best said their worst losses ever (at similar rating) was to guys with heavy topspin (they just couldn't handle it, and i know the feeling)

    ... so, i've been trying to hit my excellent 2HB cross-court with topspin more. and it's worked after i went back to a 107 square inch racquet.

    2) righty serving ad - found if i pointed my feet fairly angled to the right, i get a very natural motion for putting topspin on my serves AND i can get the ball out wide which i could only do by accident before..... i always had huge problems serving from the non-natural side (i knew you have to aim somewhat to the right but had never angled my body that way)..... BTW, i'm a lefty but i've corrected the comments to a right perspective. i'm basically about the side where you can't hit your slice serve out wide really easily.

    3) watch the ball off my racquet serving and try to hit an exact spot on racquet and ball... my inspiration was partly from golf. my game was all over the place (my drives especially). and i finally said i have to stay down on the ball ala vijay singh and watch the contact (don't get paralyzed by it, still explode thru the hitting zone)..... anyhow, my driving improved significantly.... so i started thinking about tennis serving and how erratic i am there too. so i decided to keep my eye right on the ball as the racquet went thru it and my serving improved. tied in with a tip the best player i know gave me, which is keep the tossing arm up thru hitting the ball (he was absolutely adamant). but if you watch contact intently i think you stay high. it's when you bring your head down right before or as hitting serve that you have problem.

    anyhow, stuff that has worked for.... make sure you spend time on this in practice. today on the golf course, i broke a cardinal rule. tried to go to a new way of hitting the ball without trying it on range first. complete disaster as you have no idea where ball will go and it would be no big deal if it took 4-5 swings on driving range to figure out the new hitting style.

    anyhow, internet and chat rooms like this have really helped my tennis/golf.

    hope that helps.... comments/questions appreciated!
  2. TennisAsAlways

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    Jan 25, 2006
    Nice. The things that you have explained that "works for you" are the types of things that may be very beneficial to others, possibly shedding new light upon them.

    Sometimes it's the subtle things that can have a huge impact on one's progression. It's also the difference in perspective, of how you put it in YOUR own words that may help those in "seeing it".

    Good day now.

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