A genie grants you 2 strokes from anyone in history. What's your pick?

If you could magically have any 2 strokes of anyone in history, what strokes and person(s) do you pick? And combined with your own shots and abilities, how good do you think you'd be?

I'm going to pick Goran Ivanisevic's serve and Stefan Edberg's backhand. Combined with my current game, I could probably earn a living playing tennis, but would need major help picking up the rest of my game.
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Stefan's backhand wouldn't do much in the current game.

Sampras serve and Nadal's backhand. Add that to my current forehand and yeah, I'd do alright :)


i would pick feds forehand and gasquet's backhand. i too could also make a living playing tennis but i would need help with the mental part as sometimes i rush to get off court and end up losing.


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Berasategui's forehand! I can fit in the top 1000 for sure. Add to that Korda's backhand: Straight forward monster one-hander... no gimmicks, not uhhhs, no too much twisting, just text-book one hander.
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I would want Sampras' serve and Fed's forehand. So many free points off the serve, and then just move in with the FH to finish off short balls.


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Sampras serve + Fed forehand.

This is a ridiculously easy question. The best serve and the best fh in history.


Federer's forehand and Sampras's serve!!!

I'm struggling with my forehand these days and I think I'll be pretty complete with those 2 strokes.
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So many things to pick. Ivanisevic serve and Nadal´s forehand.
Gimme Blake's "Blaster 3000 Forehand" and Ivo's "From The Heavens Serve"!

I would hold the world number 1 ranking for like 22 years, give or take a couple.:)


Joachim Johannson Serve
Fernando Gonzalez Forehand

I'd have more winners and more unforced errors then any of you!

(and a really f'd up shoulder)


Ivo Karlovic's serve and McEnroe's volleys.
I'll make money and win matches in the ATP by going to tiebreaker in every single set I play.... and then win the tiebreaker on opponents double fault.


Sampras serve Federer forehand. Easy. I would be tempted to have Federer's forehand and Agassi's backhand and have the best groundstrokes of all time, but the serve is the most important shot in the game. But damn, it would be fun...

Oh, and Karlovic's serve physically doesn't make sense since you have to be a giant to pull off that kind of trajectory that makes his serve so great.
sampras serve, OBVIOUSLY, and fed's backhand. i'm a die hard sampras fan but that down-the-line backhand, and deuce court to deuce court backhand that federer hits as a return, are HIS shots.


I would take Roddicks serve and Federers forehand. Imagine hitting a huge first serve get a weak reply and finishing it with federers shot making forehand.


definitely gonna take the safin backhand..but i'm torn between federer's and sampra's forehand (that running forehand was gold, for real)

but ill go with the fed shot.

random guy

I'll ask him better to make the courts reeeaaaly slow so all the other people with the sampras serve and federer forehands get neutralized :)