A good tennis book


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I enjoy reading and I would love to purchase a book on tennis especially the one which teaches most on drills and upgrading my game to the next level.

I have watched countless youtube video and I felt in order to improve my game I need to understand the mechanics and practice even more.



I just finished reading a book called
Game. Set. Life. by Ed Tseng, let me tell you though, It won't teach you, better ground strokes, or add 20 mph onto your serve, but it focuses more on the mental side of the game, and I have to say it really works. It teaches you how to act like a champion even though you don't feel like one, how to focus even though you are stressed. It overall is a solid book, I think they sell it on amazon.com, so if you ever want to you should check it out!


Read the feedback on various books on tenniswarehouse book selections. (They have the largest selection of good tennis books.)


"Biomechanical Principles of Tennis Technique: Using science to improve your strokes" by Duane Knudson is very good.