A grand slam final from the stands : R. Nadal vs N. Djokovic 2012 RG F


Loved that. What an awesome video. Thanks for posting it.
Thanks! :) I know this is such a good find props to whoever made it.

You can call me a YouTube digger, there may not be a full match, a good compilation on YouTube that I atleast didn't click on. I now have work but I used to spend hours watching tennis on YouTube.

rUDin 21

Was that before the rain delay? lol
I think there was two rain delays and first one definitely helped Nadal little to win the second set, and yes Rafa was pissed that Novak won 8 games in a row and third set.

He demanded from the umpire and supervisor to stop the match telling his usual "it's not good for the show" and actually refused to play on.