A great opponent


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I'm fortunate to have an opponent that is a fair bit better than I but he's usually content to defend and let me attack. So, while the score is usually lopsided, I'm not getting blown off the court with power and I get a chance to construct a point. We always end up with several highlight reel plays so, win or lose, it's a lot of fun to try and break down his defenses.

Mayhap that everyone has at least one opponent like this.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the day and be thankful to all who do not.


I have a few guys for whom I'm that opponent. Keep balls in play with moderate pace and topspin and give them all chances to win or lose the point on their shots. And the score is usually lop sided because defence wins


Orange Shirt Guy is one of my favorite opponents to play; lots of long rallies with unorthodox shotmaking. He'd likely kick my ass in singles, but we've matched up pretty evenly in mixed doubles (with me having a higher rated partner, of course).


Just consider yourself lucky you don't have a main opponent who tells you how he wants you to play and then does all the unrequested things himself.

The guy I play with is constantly yelling "hit the ball!" if there is a hint of less than Rublev style force. Every shot that he misses because it is less than all out is "pushed" or a lucky mishit if it gets a point.

If I hit a slightly off center winner he'll ask me if I planned the basic shot as though he deserves the point if it was an accident.

Don't get me started on the shoe tying and taking phone calls to stall my serve.


Personally, I would hate it. It would drive me nuts knowing someone wasn't putting in maximum effort to beat me. It would be really motivating to improve so I can start genuinely challenging them.