A Male Version of Shriekapova?


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He seems to be calling out to someone :). His wailing got funnier as the video progressed.

BTW, did you notice how slowly and deliberately he bounces the ball prior to the serve. That was one more thing that reminded me of Shara.
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jelle v

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Male grunts aren't annoying/or way less annoying than female grunts. Women's grunts are very high, hurting my ears, the lower voice of the man doesn't hurt my ears.

He does seem to deliberately bounce the ball very slowly, that is annoying.


I watched the clip and agree the guy can be annoying. Then I started thinking why did I waste my time looking at this nobody and was just about to close the page when I saw Pete vs Roger at the 2001 Wimby and clicked on that to see some real tennis. What a great match that was with both players showing incredible skill.


Yeah, this guy is way up there on the annoying scale. Ditto for Sharapova and Nadal. Sounds like a wounded rottweiler in heat (or at least what I imagine that would sound like) - lol!


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Excellent find Phil. I was particularly amused at how in quite a few hits, the shriek came well after the ball was hit - delayed yelling mechanism perhaps? ;)

Max G.

Hah. That's pretty loud.

Some good points though, I like the clip - some S&V, some baseline rallies, a dropshot...
I yell when I make stupid mistakes... I guess I should stop after seeing how annoying this guy is lol. (and I make stupid mistakes quite often :()

Well I mean, at least Sharapova is better ranked among the women.


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Azarenka is the worst

I cannot watch ANY match when she is playing. Her shrill, high-pitched descending "skirl" is the most annoying thing in tennis, to me.