A new type of hard surface at US Open


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King No1e

Hope this new surface is faster. USO has slowed significantly in the last few years.
Well then. Looks like we'll find out in 2023.


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I hope that it won't be as slow as Miami was in Key Biscayne, that would be horrendous.
They should make the USO great again, with a speed like in the pre 2011 period :D


Because it's the same as the Miami surface doesn't mean anything. There is a lot of specificity that goes into the way a court is laid that can make it very different. Only time will tell.


My understanding is that the new surface is the same as that used in the Miami Open and that it is rated as a notch slower than the current USO surface. This will require the other pre-USO (warm up) venues to switch to the same surface as well to avoid timing issues.


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Great. Was just thinking the other day that the US open was way too fast.

Definitely need to slow it down a bit before people start getting mildly entertained by guys hitting actual winners and such.


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Advanced Polymer Technology is also the supplier of the surface for the New York Open, which has for tennis atypical black courts:


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i think the color don´t need a change. it looks really good now.

to the surface chance...hope it will be a change that likes nadal