A question about foot fault.


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Maybe it is wrong section but....I have a question that could be related to the Serena Incident.

How many of you are annoyed by opponent's foot fault when 'you' play tennis?

I am a recreational tennis player and I hate when my opponent is serving with foot fault. It is not easy to see foot fault over the net, but sometimes it is too obvious. In our club few years ago, we had a person who stepped on the line at almost everytime he served. When I told him to not to, he was like, "it is just a few inch..."

It annoys me because...
I also want to be as close as possible to the baseline when I serve since I am short (5'5"). But I cannot step on the baseline because I know it is a fault.

But I am confused a little, since many people in this forum (and JMac and few other pros) said like, "In critical points at the match, a foot fault cannot be called." Well, every point is critical, when the point is 'my' point. If it is really 'just a few inch', then I would like to pay no attention on my foot when I am serving. How do you think?

ps: it is my first thread in this forum. I appreciate your every post.
Mention it in a friendly but direct way. Rules are rules. Clear your head and play. Do not worry about their FFs. Let the roving officials call it in actual tournament matches. In casual matches, who cares? Just use them to improve your game. It's all practice.

IN a college match, let the chair call it.

Until then, just play.